Overheard Conversations About Debt and Money Management

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This week I thought I’d share with you (with permission) what some of my fellow bloggers from the Dishing It Up Recipe Hop group have said about debt and budgeting.  It’s funny how money comes up in our conversations from time to time and how passionate we all are with our different perspectives :-)

Mama Does it All said about a recent vacation: 
We’re able to do it because we’ve been using the envelopes and really paying attention. Plus I convinced my husband that there would be no need to spend any money on food/drinks on the way down or the way back up because I can shop for that stuff and pack it the night before.”

Deals from Ms. Do said about budgeting:

“I did the all cash system many years ago. I refused to allow myself to “borrow” from other envelopes. At the end of the month the “leftovers” went into my savings envelope. Once I was back on my feet I paid $4K in CASH as a down payment on a car. The car dealership didn’t know how to act with that kind of cash. It was funny!”

Saving Myself Silly said about her decision to be a SAHM:
“We stick with [one income while I am a SAHM] because we’ve seen that its better than me working and us going deeper into debt while “making” more money….three years ago daycare went on discover just about every week…there was fast food, take out all the time because we were exhausted and forget having time for coupons! My job wanted to cut me to part time since they’d lost a lot of students, so we decided that I’d give not working a shot. Shortly after that I got pregnant with our 2nd daughter and we took the financial peace class at church. We cancelled the credit cards and haven’t touched one since. We aren’t out of debt by any means but we’re arent still digging the hole!”

Pary Moppins said when encouraging another group member:
I asked hubby the other day how much debt we were actually in when we moved back to the States 3 1/2 years ago. He gave me a number and I literally felt sick to my stomach. Through diligence and a [lot of creativity], we have made progress.”

And probably my favorite quote of all: 

Being a good steward of family and resources is a blessing no matter what kinda cash your pullin’ in, right? :)”

Pary Moppins is so right- it really doesn’t matter if your family earns $20,000 a year or 2 million a year- we are called to be good stewards with all that we have.  There are many families earning 6 figure incomes who can’t make ends meet, and many making considerably less but living within their means.  

Your past mistakes with money can be corrected over time, if make the choice to live within your means today!  Are you up to the challenge?


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