Target Summer Toy Clearance Finds 2013

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Target Toys 2013

The big clearance price drop on toys at the Tyler Target finally happened this morning.  The past 3 years it’s happened the 4th Thursday in July.  They threw me a curveball by waiting an extra two weeks this year.    Since I have Bible study on Thursday mornings I wasn’t able to get down there early enough to get the best pick, but I still ended up with a good group of items to help restock my gift closet on {Read More}

2013 School Supply Shopping Trip Savings

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Yesterday I made a quick trip out to Office Depot and Office Max.  Since I had both kids with me, the trip took a bit longer at about 45 minutes.  When I took a look at my weekly sale price comparison chart for school supplies, I could see there were several things worth making the effort to get on sale. I’m going to show you a break down of costs and compare that to the prices at Target or Walmart.  {Read More}

10 School Supply Shopping Tips to Save More & Stress Less

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school supply tips

School Supply prices have risen dramatically in the past few years.  Here are some tips to help you save more money without all the stress. You don’t have to shop at all the stores every week to find the best deals! Buddy up with a friend.  Make your lists together from the ads and each shop at 2 different stores, then settle up and trade items later. Or ride together and have fun visiting while you get the best prices. {Read More}

Where Are All The Deals?

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So you’ve been reading Thrifty Texas Penny for a while now, and you’ve probably noticed that I don’t post a lot of online “deals” like many of the other frugal bloggers.  I get the e-mails from affiliates just like everyone else, but I choose not to post them.  I prefer for my site to have real content (thoughts, ideas, frugal musings) written by me and deals that are applicable to most readers and can be found in brick and mortar {Read More}

Ditch Your TV Bill Without Ditching Your TV

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I love to watch TV even though I am one of those people who have a hard time sitting and just watching (I have to be multitasking, especially during the commercials) We had an expanded cable at home for about 2 years. I loved my HGTV, but one thing I noticed was how we seemed to “watch” more and more TV the longer we had the extra channels. When DH accepted his new job and we made plans to move {Read More}

Do Your Newspapers and Coupons Cost Too Much Money?

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Back in NW Arkansas I paid just over $.60 for each of my two Sunday paper subscriptions.  A pretty good deal, so imagine my shock when we moved to Tyler, TX and I discovered the Dallas Morning Newspaper Sunday edition would cost me over $4 delivered! It’s between $2.50-$3 off the rack – and DMN will not guarantee the correct inserts to be included like my old paper!  Discounts for multiple subscriptions with the DMN is a joke, so I {Read More}

Deciding If It’s Cheaper to Fly or to Drive to Walt Disney World

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Disney World is located in a great place weather wise, but for the vast majority of the U.S. it’s not a very convenient place to travel to. After you’ve picked the best week to take your Disney World vacation, the next step is to decide if you should fly or drive. There are several factors to consider when it comes to flying or driving. How long would it take to drive to Orlando? How long would it take to fly {Read More}

Week 3 of No Paper Towels 4 Week Frugal Challenge

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2 weeks ago I challenged you to do away with paper towels for 4 weeks.  Even with a small allowance of paper towels for sanitary reasons, I hope you’ve been able to significantly reduce your paper towel usage. If you’ve taken my challenge and begun using rags instead of paper towels, how’s it going? Has your family revolted or have you found they don’t really care one way or the other?   Have you had your first smelly rag moment?  {Read More}

Planning a Disney World Trip – Choosing the Best Week

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A trip to Disney World is a big occasion for most families.  The biggest decision you’ll need to make is which week to go. It’s important to not base your decision of when to go solely on your vacation days.  If you want to make the most of the time you have in the parks, it’s vital that you pick a week that is typically less crowded.  Who really wants to wait in line for 2 hours with 2 children {Read More}

4 Week Frugal Challenge – Giving Up Paper Towels

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Last week I challenged you to cut all paper towel usage from your household.  It’s understandable that when you handle raw meats one may be necessary, but other than those few, try to get your family on board by using rags or wash cloths. It’s not hard for the average family of 4 to use 59 paper towels per day! Based on the cheapest brand of paper towels I could find on amazon when bought in a 30 roll package, {Read More}